2018 SOAR Seiki Racing 998 TD1R 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit SSRS9981706-B

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 In 2011, SOAR Seiki Racing was formed with 1 goal in mind - to produce the best 1/8th scale R/C buggy in the world that is capable of winning the IFMAR World Championships. In 2014, the first generation of the SOAR 998 buggy was released. After thorough testing in the real world, the 998 was completely revised and the SOAR 998 TD1 was released in 2016. Now for 2018, the very capable 998 TD1 buggy has had another major overhaul, resulting in the 998 TD1R. The 2018 TD1R nearly every single part has been redesigned and improved upon for more durability and better performance on the track.
    New parts for 2018:
    • 5mm Carbon Fiber front shock tower to provide an extra 2.5mm of suspension down travel
    • 4mm Carbon Fiber rear shock tower to provide 3mm of extra suspension travel
    • Hard anodized 7075 aluminum front suspension plates for increased durability
    • Front and rear CVD's for increased traction with universals still available as an option part on ruff tracks
    • Redesigned front steering blocks for increased durability and to allow the use of CVD's or universals
    • Redesigned Carbon Fiber front servo saver support plate to reduce chassis flex and allow an extra 2mm of additional caster adjustment
    • Redesigned Carbon Fiber front upper arm mounting plates for increased strength
    • Unique 1-piece lite weight adjustable wing mount for a lower center of gravity. Allows for standard height, +3mm, and +6mm for additional downforce on loose tracks
    • Small diameter brake caliper bolts with springs for smoother brake pad action and faster release
    • 20mm shock spring collars to allow the use of any 20-22mm diameter shock spring
    • 20mm lower shock spring perches to allow the use of 20mm diameter shock springs
    • 1.6mm/70mm Low Frequency black front shock springs
    • 1.6mm/86mm  Low Frequency black rear shock springs
    • Ultimate shock bladders for constant rebound for a much more consistent shock feel even on the bumpiest tracks
    • Latex shock boots to reduce the chance of tearing 
    • Flat head down stop screws to reduce chassis wear 
    • Pre-cut TD1R high side bite lite weight lexan body
    Features on the 2018 998 TD1R:
    • 7079 aluminum chassis
    • Carbon Fiber Shock towers
    • Carbon fiber front support plate
    • Carbon fiber upper arm mounting plates
    • Carbon fiber steering arm plates
    • 7075 adjustable toe/anti-squat suspension plates
    • 7075 ackerman plate
    • Vented steel brake rotors with metallic brake pads
    • DBS fully adjustable pillow ball V2 suspension system with adjustable front camber/caster/toe
    • 7075-T651 16.7mm big-bore shock absorbers
    • 1.2x8 hole tapered shock pistons
    • 1.6mm wire low frequency black coated shock springs
    • 2.3mm front and 2.8mm rear away bars
    • Front and Rear CVD drive shafts
    • CVD Center drive shafts
    • 13/46t lightweight steel clutch bell and spur gear
    • 13/44t lightweight ring and pinion gears 
    • Aluminum 3-shoe clutch system
    • 8x16 High-Speed rubber sealed ball bearings and 5x11 lightweight pinion gear bearings
    • Pre-Cut V3 lexan body
    • High downforce black plastic wing
    • Full wrap for wing and radio tray
    • 998 decal sheet
    Required to complete kit:
    Tools for assembly
    Servos and aluminum servo arms 
    Radio, batteries, and electronics
    Engine, pipe, and fuel
    Tires and wheels
    Paint for body
    Oil for air filter
    Charger, ignitor, and starter box

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