Utimate Engines M-5 Competition Nitro Engine

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The Ultimate Engine M-5 is a .21 (3.9cc), long stroke, 5 port engine with a tuned crankshaft. It is configured for those drivers who desire an easy to tune yet powerful engine with a linear power band.

The M5 makes excellent bottom end power and is a perfect choice for 1/8 buggy or truggy. The R7 connecting rod is made from super light aluminum and designed to create the least amount of turbulence inside the engine. The sleeve has 5 transfer ports to create a linear power output while keeping fuel consumption low. The tuned crankshaft is manufactured with a large bore intake and has a special shape to optimize flow of the fuel mixture in the engine.

The rear bearing has an outer diameter of 25.8mm. A large diameter bearing is used in order to avoid ring distortion and to increase the lifespan of the bearing. The two needle, slide valve carburetor features a standard design that allows the use of interchangeable venturis to tune for any track condition.

 The Modelix team specifically went with an oversized head to help keep the engine running cooler and improve performance when running at higher temperatures. Although it is oversized, it’s drilled and milled to make it light and to keep the overall center of gravity of the engine low.

Another change from the previous design is the diameter of the central hole of the head where the glow plug fits is reduced. For those that use temperature guns to measure engine temperature this will give you a more accurate reading because the gun will not factor the temperature of the plug in with the overall engine temperature since the plug is not easy to “see.”

Features a double sealed front bearing. This will help keep dust out of the engine and will make the engine easier to tune and allow it to better hold the tune.

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